Indra is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, world leader in engineering technology for aerospace, defence and mobility business, that heads digital transformation consultancy and information technologies in Spain and Latin America through its affiliate Minsait. In the ATM market, the company is one of the key global players, having deployed over 11,000 ATM installations and is marking the way forward for ATM innovation, boosting interoperability, capacity, and bringing green aviation closer. It is also the main Air Traffic Management Systems provider in the Latin American market. It has modernized the air traffic systems of 25 Latin American countries and two out of every three control centers on the continent manage their traffic using Indra’s technology, enhancing interoperability and enabling much smoother traffic in the whole continent. The company maintains a long-standing relationship with the main ANSPs in the region and has offices in the major Latin American countries.


Jotron has evolved into one of the most respected radio and recorder manufacturers within the ATC market since it was founded in 1967.Jotron offers a wide range of high-performance VHF and UHF radios for both civil and military applications. Jotron radios incorporate the latest technology required for digital data transmission modes, including full voice-over IP functionality in accordance with the latest ED-137 standard. Jotron Ricochet is a world-leading fully integrated recorder for synchronized recording and replay of all types of voice data, radars, cameras, and displays. The Jotron Ricochet system is used by both civil and military ATCs.



Entry Point North is one of the world’s leading Air Traffic Service academies.Our training centers, located in six countries in Europe, have over the years delivered training to more than 150 companies from 58 countries.We strongly believe that training is more than just teaching facts.That’s why our goal is to empower the participants so they will be confident, action-taking professionals with both required knowledge and the right mindset.All our ATSEP courses can be done in classroom or online. Both services include training, assessment, and examinations that are compliant with the regulatory requirements for EASA and ICAO.